The Friends of the Horton

Next meeting :
On Wednesday 8th April at 19:20
At the Post Grad Centre, Horton General Hospital, Banbury
Annual General Meeting

The aim of the Friends of the Horton is to raise funds to purchase items of equipment, which have been requested by the Doctors and Nursing Staff at the Horton General Hospital in Banbury.
All requests are evaluated, and approved if felt they are justified.
Items purchased throughout 2007/08 include :
  • Ultra low bed (2,995)
  • Patient monitor (4,285)
  • Air conditioning unit in Cardiac Rehab (3,000)
  • Spirometer in Cardiac Assessment (1,300)
  • Mural for the Children's Physio Room (76)
Under consideration is a washing trolley and bowl

Typically, the Friends raise between 10,000 and 20,000, each year, for spending in this way.

Funds are generated in a number of ways
  • Donations and Subscriptions
  • Activities such as car boot sales and street collections
  • The shop and trolley service at the Horton General Hospital

The Shop

We sell, cold drinks, fruit, crisps, chocolate bars, biscuits, boxes of chocolates, cards for most occasions, essential toiletries. A cornucopia of donated goods including books both paperback and hardback, jigsaw puzzles, cds, dvds, tapes, children's knitted good, toys, nicknacks, you name it we have probably got it.

Come and have a browse, you can find us Monday to Friday 10.00am to 4.00pm

Map (as printable PDF)

We also run a Trolley Service which goes around the main wards of the Hospital

We are always looking for new Volunteers.
So why not pop into the shop and find out how you can help.

Members of the Committee
Chairman : Adrian Hearn
Vice Chair : Heather Clelford
Treasurer : Jane Field
Secretary : Sheila Hearn
Mem.Sec. : Shirley Beck
Publicity : vacant

Please contact the Friends via the shop at the Horton General Hospital.