St Richards Hospice Malvern Hills Walk 2012

Shirley Procter, my mother, received tremendous help from St Richard's hospice, not only at the day hospice,
but also with her palliative treatment and general support.
This enabled her to bring laughter to others, even in her final weeks, and transformed her quality of life.

Sadly, Shirley passed away following a spirited battle against cancer, in July 2011.
But St Richards continued with their help, giving bereavement support to our family, for which I am deeply grateful,
during what turned out to be very troubling times.
Due to St Richards, I have now learned to cope following Shirley's death and accept her loss.

So I joined the many 100s of others on the Malvern Hills walks, for this my the second time walking for St Richards.

Jules Procter, May 2012

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