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  Banbury Links
Banbury Folk Club Banbury Folk Club
Banbury Folk Festival Banbury Folk Festival and Hobby Horse Festival - 7-9th October 2016
Radio Horton The hospital radio station for the Horton General Hospital, Banbury
  Banburyshire Links
Banburyshire on You Tube The Minehead Sailors Horse at the Banbury Hobby Horse Festival 2006
Banburyshire on You Tube Morris dancers at the Banbury Hobby Horse Festival 2006
Banburyshire on You Tube Adderbury Village Morris Men at the Adderbury Day Of Dance 2007 - Lads a'Buncham
Banburyshire on You Tube Adderbury Village Morris Men at the Adderbury Day Of Dance 2007 - End of the Drinking Jig
Banburyshire on You Tube VMCC Banbury Run 2007 - At the assembly area
Banburyshire on You Tube Banbury May Day procession 2008 - from the Town Hall
Banburyshire on You Tube Banbury May Day procession 2008 - at the Fyne Lady
Banburyshire on You Tube Banbury May Day procession 2008 - dancing around the Maypole
Banburyshire on You Tube Banbury Hobby Horse Festival 2009 - procession on Town Mayor's Sunday

  Music Links
Bright Young Folk "Bellowhead / Spiers & Boden, the gigs and related projects of all the band members and some of their friends as well."
Floppy Records Floppy Records is the record label for 5 bands: Tinkerbell's Dope Ring, tantrum, Fake Tan, Boris Boogaloo and Gasgiant
Off The Boat Productions OTB Productions, representing FOS Brothers - Huckleberries - Jerry Cahill - Nigel Mazlyn Jones - The Green RoadShow - McCrory Brothers
3 Daft Monkeys A "colourful carnival of sound"
Barry Hunt "His solo performances include lively chorus songs, folk-blues, comedy and passionate self-written songs that enthrall and involve audiences."
Bill Tustain The singer/songwriter, who is also a solo artiste and has been a keyboard and vocalist in various bands & groups within the UK.
Brothers Falloon "In PD and MJ Falloon, we have two of the most gifted and unusual songwriters in the UK"
Crooked Still "Rock energy coexists with old-time mountain soul."
Dave Pegg and PJ Wright "eclectic roots music"
Dave McGrath "a fascinating spin of musical beauty"
Deb Sandland "a soft, breathy autumnal evening and raindrops voice "
Duncan McFarlane Band "Robust folk-rock - reels, jigs and stout songs, well-executed and infectiously lively."
Eaglehead "No rules, no divisions, no narrow minded attitudes, just good music."
Flatworld "Macedonian dances, klezmer tunes and the occasional French mazurka"
Gypsy Reel "We're a Celt band that rocks."
Jiggernaut ""Neo-celtic groove-a-latious mondo-pop indulgence!"
Judy Dyble "Still singing, although I did stop for a while. But that was only for 30 years or so, a mere blink of an eye."
Judy Henske "The legendary Queen of the Beatniks"
Julie Ellison "One of Britain's most talented and versatile guitarists."
Karine Polwart "Karine's astonishing skills as a songwriter and the amazing range of her voice. "
Kris Delmhorst "the tone is casual, carefree and beautiful in its sheer simplicity"
Kris Drever "A solo artist with an impeccable folk pedigree "
Leatherat Folk with attitude
Left Hand Drive "An un-signed, self-managed, acoustic trio based in the Matlock area of Derbyshire", and very good too!
Linda Watkins "Singer/Songwriter and guitarist - but it doesn't end there."
Lorna Franklin "beautiful songs of murder, tragedy, misery and infidelity"
Marcus Flynn First rate rock, blues and acoustic guitarist
Marie McGilvray "McGilvray's lyrical themes are wrapped in producer Ron Gomez's chamber-pop accents and deliver a melding of influences"
Marina Florance "A musical book of social commentaries"
Mawkin A scruffy, un-kempt person. "A unique sound, it's punchy, energetic, passionate and good fun"
Megson "The contemporary folk duo currently wowing audiences"
Meet On The Ledge Meet On The Ledge - a great Folk/Rock band based in Stratford upon Avon
Michael Skinner "He has now returned full force in living out his long held childhood dream of playing the guitar and singing and is loving every minute of it."
Nick Harper "nothing short of a genius."
Nuada "Nuada is a duo/trio playing Celtic, Folk and Early music."
Osibisa "Criss-cross rhythms that explode with hapiness"
PJ Wright "Intelligent rock-folk"
Roenik "The future sound of pop music" from Sweden
Steamchicken "A bustling bluesy five/six piece band."
Suntrap "Suntrap will dazzle you with their big harmony sound"
Tim Radford "For much of his life, Morris dance aficionado Tim Radford has been a folk club singer, and on his belated solo debut that history shows."
Tom Rush "my stories are not just true - they're BETTER than true"
The Twisted Melons Modern rock for you
Uncle Dirtytoes "all the inspiration, nuances and optimism that remind me of why I got into writing and performing music myself, so many years ago." - Ian Anderson, Jethro Tull.
Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer "Currently taking the folk world by storm, Vicki is one of the best pipers in the business, all aided by Jonny's brilliantly inventive, subtle yet strong guitar work."
Zoox "Zoox expertly fuse together traditional tunes with a contemporary attitude"